Thursday 19 January 2012

Girl in a Newspaper Dress

This is my first photo to be published by National Geographic magazine.
It's no mean feat i can tell you. I traveled to Madrid in April 2011 with the intention of taking lots of photos of the Easter parades. However it rained most of the time i was there and that opportunity passed me by. On my last day the sun shone and while i was walking around the centre, i noticed this girl wearing a dress made out of newspapers. I quickly fired off some shots and was quite pleased with the resulting image. It made the whole trip worthwhile and it also features in this months edition of National Geographic.
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Tough work #boat rowing on Lake Titicaca #peru #travel

Lake Titicaca Peru

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Inside the #apple building on #5Ave looking upwards. #nyc #travel #newyork

The Apple Building on 5thAve NYC!!
Such a cool building, i took this photo in January 2012, when the crowds weren't as manic as they were in December. I was actually in the elevator looking upwards when i took some snaps. I was pretty pleased with the resulting image.
The Big Apple
New York City